Live Edge Walnut custom made conference room tables

live edge black walnut slab conference room table for Chicago office handcrafted in East Dundee, IL

Live Edge Conference Tables

Our live edge conference tables are handcrafted to the highest quality available. Every table is custom designed and crafted to our clients room size and desired seating arrangement. Extra long tables are crafted as two or more tops from matching slabs sequentially cut from the same tree and are supported by custom center legs that hold the table together. All tables are very sturdy, stable and designed to remain beautiful & functional works of art.

Our live edge tables

  • Custom sized to your space
  • Live & square edge tops
  • Easy care, no-ring finish
  • Many leg and base options
  • Power & data grommets
  • From rescued kiln dried slabs
  • National delivery and install

Custom made live edge Black Walnut conference room tables make a bold statement, are visually appealing and are custom designed to your space.

You can customize your solid hardwood conference room table in terms of size, power & data grommet selection and leg style. Our Black Walnut conference and boardroom tables are stunning, unique and will enhance any conference room decor style. Our custom made conference tables and desk tops are offered directly but also marketed nationally through our dealer and commercial interior designer network.

Live Edge & Slab Tables are Crafted with Kiln Dried Hardwoods: Though our actual lead time varies between 4 and 6 weeks, live edge and slab table making is a very long process that begins long before we take a custom table order. Our goal is to provide heirloom quality to our clients and there are no shortcuts taken. The process starts with cutting the live edge slabs from downed (rescued) logs that we purchase from envoironmentally sensitive sawyers. We then air dry the slabs for 6-12 months to 25-30 percent moisture content before finally kiln drying the live edge planks to 6% MC. Kiln drying is critical and our state of the art dehumidification kiln allows us to ensure that our tables will endure generations.

Our Process of Fabricating a Live Edge Table: Once we have kiln dried slabs to work with, the individual slabs are processed in our production wood-shop. Each slab or plank is rough cut to size, precision jointed, planed or wide belt sanded and then jointed again to ensure the perfect glue joints we are known for. The slabs are then layed out to provide greatest eye appeal and stablity and then glued up. The rough glue-up is then wide belt sanded once again before finish sanding and final finishing completes the process. If shipping and delivery is required, the top or table is custom crated to ensure safe transport.

Conference Table Features and Examples

custom made live edge black walnut conference table with power and data grommet
Stunning black walnut live edge conference table custom designed for chicago office
Custom made 144 x 54 black walnut conference table for br foods boardroom in chicago area
Custom made long conference table, 16 feet in two sections crafted in slab Sapele Mahogany

Rediscover the true value of heirloom quality in our live edge conference room tables. Call 224-801-1969 for more information, or email us at

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