We assure quality in our solid wood tables and table tops; how do we do that?

Making Quality Solid Wood Tables and Table Tops Correctly is our Company Policy.

Our continued existence and sustained growth depends on the utmost quality of every single table and top we produce. Learn more.

There are absolutes and basic facts when it comes to making solid wood tables, tops and other wooden surfaces the correct way and we follow the established best practices to assure our clients long term satisfaction. We strive for the utmost in both efficiency and enduring quality. From the hardwood selection through precision machining and expert finishing we are built to produce solid wood tops efficiently with unsurpassed quality.

Our clients include both residential retail and corporate clients, commercial and residential designers & architects along with national hospitality, restaurant and corporate FF&E furniture suppliers. Our tops are crafted with perfect, warranted glue joints for generational endurance. All tops and tables are equally finished in Milesi 2K Polyurethane for durability, easy of care and for a zero stain / water ring finish.

quality solid wood tables and table tops, kiln dried wood, perfectly machined glue joints
The quality in any solid wood table top or wooden surface is dependent on three main items, the wood itself, the joinery and the final finish.

We will only use Kiln Dried Hardwood in our Solid Wood Tables & Tops

Perhaps the most important factor is the wood itself and we use only select kiln dried hardwoods as anything else is complete folly and will lead to tables and tops coming apart in a very short time frame. This leads to very unhappy customers which is not good for our customers or for their clients. In this era of woodworkers using so called "air dried wood", we pledge that every single board or live edge slab has been properly kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content to the core. In fact, we do not trust anyone else when it comes to drying our sustainable, rescued live edge slabs and we dry every slab in one of our own kilns to assure enduring quality.

Quality Joinery is Critical for the Long Term Endurance in Solid Wood Tables

The joinery, which in the case of solid wood table tops means glue joints, must be absolutely perfect to prevent future failures. There is nothing stronger than a glue joint that is machined to precision and clamped correctly with premium wood glue. No amount of dowels, fasteners, dominoes, bowties or other methods that scream "a hope and a prayer" will prevent an improper glue joint from coming apart. The exception is with waterfall tables that must be splined due to their being half end grain being that a 45 degree cut must be mated together. Our joints are all dry fit to assure square and tightness of fit before being glued up which assures a quality glue-joint. The quality of our glue joints is guaranteed.

A Quality Final Finish Ensures Long Term Value in Solid Wood Tables

In our opinion, there is not a better finish for any solid wood horizontal surface than modern polyurethane. We use what we consider to be the finest polyurethane in production today. Our finish is durable, offers easy damp rag maintenance, will not yellow or crack and will never exhibit water rings. This finish is not a thick coat of plastic and instead allows the grain to remain apparent on all textured hardwoods.

Sadly, there are a slew of finishes being used today such as thick lacquers, floor coatings, "pour-overs" and epoxies that should never be used on solid wood surfaces as the unstoppable seasonal wood movement will begin to tear them apart in short order. No end user will ever be happy with a finish that fails in a season or two and dooms their table investment. Our 2k Polyurethane is the gold standard of solid wood finishes, is durable, stain resistant and has just enough "flex" to be the perfect solid wood table top finish.

We plan on being trusted table builders for the long haul and we can only assure that longevity by offering the finest quality tables that represent true long term enduring value.

Enduring Quality

Our company was built around the idea that unsurpassed quality in solid wood tables & table tops equals lasting value for our clients.

The finest solid wood finish

All table top products are equally finished in Milesi 2K Polyurethane for durability, ease of care, stain resistance and a zero water ring finish.

Precision Joinery

The joinery, specifically glue joints, must be absolutely perfect to prevent future failures. The quality of our glue joints is guaranteed.

Industrial Equipment

Some of our industrial equipment employed in our East Dundee, Illinois solid wood table top plant

Milling, Jointing and Cutting Equipment

  • SCM 20” Jointer - Carbide Insert Head
  • SCMI 16” Jointer - Carbide Insert Head
  • SAC 20” Planer - Carbide Insert Head
  • Bridgewood 26” Planer with Carbide Insert Head
  • Powermatic 14” Tablesaw with Comatic Powerfeeder
  • Delta Rockwell 14” Tablesaw with Comatic Powerfeeder
  • Powermatic 66 Table Saw with Carbide Grooving Blade
  • Delta Sliding Table Saw
  • Laguna 24” Bandsaw
  • OMGA RN 900 Radial Arm Saw

Additional Woodworking & Finishing Equipment

  • Industrial Gomad Shaper w/ Custom Rotating Table for Round Tops
  • Ramco 3 Head 44” Widebelt Sander
  • Crouch 48” Edge Sander
  • Custom 12’ JLT Clamp Rack
  • Powermatic Mortising Machine
  • Multiple Torsion Box Live Edge Glue Up Stations
  • Safety Speed Cut Vertical Panel Saw
  • 24’ x 16’ Spray Booth with Fuji HPLV Finishing System
  • Custom Nyle Dehumidification Kiln (to assure Live Edge quality)

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We offer solid wood, live edge, plank and round tables that will endure generations and represent real long term value. All tops are fabricated & finished correctly using kiln dried hardwoods and are proudly made in the USA.